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Energy Boost, Illness Recovery, NAD+, and More! There are many IV wellness plans to help you feel and look healthy. Book online at one of our Florida locations below.

Weight Loss Peptide Program

Save $120 Each On A 3-Month Program When You Team Up With Your Significant Other Or Bestie


Semaglutide, an FDA-approved treatment originally designed for Type 2 Diabetes, facilitates rapid weight loss comparable to weight-loss surgery (1-4 pounds per week) by leveraging the body’s natural biology. While dietary and exercise changes aren’t mandatory for results, those who adopt such modifications tend to experience better outcomes, including reduced blood sugar levels and a lowered risk of major cardiovascular events.


Tirzepatide, akin to Semaglutide, offers rapid weight loss along with benefits like lowered blood sugar and reduced cardiovascular risk, but with even faster weight loss and fewer side effects. Administered weekly, it promotes simplicity in dosage, and incorporating protein into the regimen has been shown to mitigate muscle loss and enhance weight maintenance post-medication.

The Results

Feel Good, Look Good, Age Backwards!

Keep the good times rolling, slim down for the summer.

The Skinny Drip

Accelerate your diet and fitness goals. Speeds up metabolism, increases energy and decreases your appetite.

Includes: B-Complex, B-6, B-12, Amino, Taurine, and a Lipolan Injection.



Do you have weakened immune function, lethargy or mood swings? You might deficient in B-6!



Glutathione is an Essential Master Antioxidant. Responsible for repairing damaged cells and being a waste collector for oxidative stress and free radicals in the body, while helping to cleanse the liver. As we age our bodies our bodies stop producing Glutathione. Glutathione is essential for anti-aging and boosting skin’s appearance.


What Our Customers Are Saying


“The whole experience from the moment I walked in was comfortable and informative. The office is absolutely beautiful. The service and the comfort provided during the service is next-level. The chairs are heaven. I loved it and can’t wait to continue treatment!!!”

Angela Pridemore


“I had a wonderful first experience. Both Rachel & Grace explain all options and add ons with me. Also went over the membership options and which add on would benefit me and my person goals the most. Looking forward to feeling good and doing another IV hydration soon. Thank you both so much for your help and assistance.”

Elizabeth S.


The staff here really goes above and beyond. My friend and I asked a bunch of questions. They were extremely patient with us and answered all of them. Patrick was great and took such good care of us. He got us all set up, comfortable, and checked on us through out the whole infusion. I’m amazed at his IV skills and I barely felt a thing. We were very run down from our nursing exams and felt so much better after. It was the care we needed. Thank you all, we will be back!

Kristyn P.


Really awesome and receptive staff. Called me after hours to get things moving for a next day appointment. Courtney was a great nurse. I just felt relaxed and great when I left. The immunity cocktail really helped! Can’t say enough about how PATIENT the staff were today!

Joe B.


I love my therapy there. It has helped me feel and look better… and that’s what it’s all about right!?

Kathy B.