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Energy Boost, Illness Recovery, NAD+, and More! There are many IV wellness plans to help you feel and look healthy. Book online at one of our Florida locations below.

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Tackle The Mayors Fitness Challenge With Prime IV!

Join the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge in New Smyrna Beach, and supercharge your journey to wellness with Prime IV Hydration & Wellness!

From January 11th to March 17th, Prime IV is offering exclusive deals to support participants throughout the challenge and aid in swift recovery. Revitalize your body with our specialized IV drips and injections designed to enhance athletic performance, elevate energy levels, and facilitate weight loss.

Enjoy $10 off injection packages (4-Pack, 8-Pack, and 12-Pack), a 10% discount on IV drips valued up to $165, and a generous $50 off on peptide programs. Take advantage of these limited-time offers and gear up to conquer your fitness goals with Prime IV Hydration & Wellness!

All Challenge participants can take advantage of these special offers through March 17th, 2024.

Mayors Fitness Challenge Details:

We Are Now Offering Peptides!



NEW Tirzepatide

Introducing Prime IV Hydration & Wellness’s cutting-edge Weight Loss Peptides, a revolutionary approach to achieving and maintaining a healthier, leaner lifestyle. Our specially curated selection includes Semaglutide GLP-1, Tirzepatide GLP-1/GLP, and Sermorelin, each designed to address various aspects of weight management.

Semaglutide GLP-1: The Ozempic Ingredient for Blood Sugar Control

At the forefront of our weight loss peptide offerings is Semaglutide GLP-1, featuring the same powerful ingredient found in Ozempic. This peptide stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin, effectively reducing blood sugar levels and slowing down the digestion process. By promoting insulin production, Semaglutide assists in maintaining stable glucose levels, curbing cravings, and fostering an environment conducive to weight loss.

Tirzepatide GLP-1/GLP: Mounjaro’s Efficiency in Glucose Control

Tirzepatide GLP-1/GLP takes weight management to the next level by incorporating the efficiency of Mounjaro. Acting as a super-efficient quality control manager, Tirzepatide collaborates with GIP for a dynamic response to glucose levels. This innovative approach allows for precise regulation of blood sugar, promoting a balanced and controlled environment that supports effective weight loss.

Sermorelin: The Get Fit and Lean Peptide

For those seeking a holistic approach to fitness and weight loss, our Sermorelin peptide is the ideal solution. By stimulating the pituitary gland, Sermorelin naturally increases the production of growth hormone. This not only boosts lean muscle mass but also provides a range of benefits including decreased muscle soreness, increased metabolic rate, reduced body fat, accelerated healing, improved skin quality, and anti-aging support.

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness is committed to providing you with the latest advancements in weight loss peptides, empowering you on your journey to a healthier, more vibrant you. With Semaglutide GLP-1, Tirzepatide GLP-1/GLP, and Sermorelin, we offer a comprehensive suite of peptides designed to address the multifaceted aspects of weight management. Experience the transformative power of science-backed peptides and unlock your path to optimal well-being.

Are you ready for more muscle, optimal workouts and the best version of you?

What Our Customers Are Saying


“The whole experience from the moment I walked in was comfortable and informative. The office is absolutely beautiful. The service and the comfort provided during the service is next-level. The chairs are heaven. I loved it and can’t wait to continue treatment!!!”

Angela Pridemore


“I had a wonderful first experience. Both Rachel & Grace explain all options and add ons with me. Also went over the membership options and which add on would benefit me and my person goals the most. Looking forward to feeling good and doing another IV hydration soon. Thank you both so much for your help and assistance.”

Elizabeth S.


The staff here really goes above and beyond. My friend and I asked a bunch of questions. They were extremely patient with us and answered all of them. Patrick was great and took such good care of us. He got us all set up, comfortable, and checked on us through out the whole infusion. I’m amazed at his IV skills and I barely felt a thing. We were very run down from our nursing exams and felt so much better after. It was the care we needed. Thank you all, we will be back!

Kristyn P.


Really awesome and receptive staff. Called me after hours to get things moving for a next day appointment. Courtney was a great nurse. I just felt relaxed and great when I left. The immunity cocktail really helped! Can’t say enough about how PATIENT the staff were today!

Joe B.


I love my therapy there. It has helped me feel and look better… and that’s what it’s all about right!?

Kathy B.